Jenna 12 yrs old

Jenna 12 yrs old

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Mother's Wish

As we come into the holiday season my wish would be for my child to be better...for our family to stop hurting emotionally & physically.  These past 9 months have been some of the most difficult months that I have had to go through.  It seems like we get to the point where we think that things are better then we seem to take a giant step backwards.  Jenna has been back on the IVIG treatments and they seem to be working for her right now.  Her labs are still very much elevated.  She will be back in the hospital next week.  It should be interesting to see what her labs show.  I wish that I could make this all go away for her.  She has tried to go back to school but we have found that even the half day a week that she has been going is taking alot out of her.  She took a picture of herself the other day sent it as a text message to me...when I got the message I wanted to cry.  They say that you can tell how a person feels by their eyes...her eyes looked so sad.  I am sure that she wasn't feeling all that sad, but her eyes told the story that is for sure.  I want so much for her to feel better.  when she gets up in the morning I think to myself..."maybe this is the day that she is going to be better?"  I try to plan things for her that will take her mind off of things, but when I do, I have to be aware of the fact that she is not able to walk very much.  Think about things that we do in our daily lives that involve walking...I can't even bring her with me to the store before she starts complaining that her legs hurt and that she is tired.  I know that she wants to do so much, then she realizes that she is not able to.  It not only makes her sad, but it just kills me to see her like this.  My wish for this holiday season is a wish that any mother with a sick child would ask for...I want my daughter to be well, I want her to be happy and healthy.  I would trade anything for her health and happiness.  Please keep Jenna in your prayers this holiday and just maybe we can have a miracle of our own. I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season.  Please take a moment to remember what the real meaning is this time of year.  Thank You to all that have been there for our family I appreciate each and every one of you.  God bless.

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